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First Time Buyers Program

First Time Car Buyers Program in Boston, MA


First Time Buys Program | Stoneham Ford

Made with you in mind.

One of the most exciting Ford programs offered at Stoneham Ford is the First Time Car Buyers Program available through Ford credit. Offering deals to teenage drivers attending both high school and college, this program is designed to help ease the intimidating process of purchasing a car for the first time.

Through our first-time buyers program we can offer a low down payment, low monthly payments and low interest rates. At Stoneham Ford, Greater Boston's premier Ford dealer, we understand the stress of being a first- time buyer. Through the Ford First Time Car Buyers Program, we hope to make each step in buying your first Ford car, truck, hybrid, crossover, van or SUV a little easier.



Stoneham Ford is pleased to offer our First Time Buyer's Program through Ford Credit. The terms of the program are as follows:

Customer Eligibility

  • Applicant has no previous automotive credit history on his/her bureau
  • No derogatory credit history found on bureau
  • Minimum verifiable 6 months on current job or qualified co-buyer
  • Verifiable (pay stub, W-2, etc.) monthly income suffiecient to cover vehicle payment, ordinary living expenses (including rent, utilities, etc) and all currently outstanding debt, if any.
  • Payment to income ratio of 15% or less
  • In order to qualify for this program there is a payment cap of $350/month - If customer's payment is over $350.00 they will not qualify for the FTB program.
  • Tier 5 is not eligible
  • Term is not to exceeed 72-months retail, 48 month lease
  • Total monthly debt to total monthly income ratio of 50% or less. Total monthly debt includes, if applicable:
  • Monthly vehicle payment
  • Monthly rent or mortgage payment
  • Other monthly payment obligations (installment loans, revolving loans, alimony or support payments, etc.)
  • Minimum $500 customer cash down
  • Maximum advance 100% of dealer invoice
  • All criteria must be met in order to qualify